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The Eroticism of Fat Men

Britain may copy Germany’s move to deport benefit cheats

UK ministers welcome Germany’s move to expel EU migrants who fraudulently claim benefits and bar them from re-entering the country Frank Field, a former Labour minister, called on David Cameron … Continue reading

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Brazil anger over gynaecological tests for teachers

  Brazilian women’s rights advocates denounce Sao Paulo state’s requirement for prospective female teachers to undergo gynaecological test The education department of Sao Paulo state requires female prospective teachers to … Continue reading

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Scene from „The Serpents egg (Das Schlangenei) (3)

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Council worker sacked after graphic novel deemed ‘too raunchy’

A council worker who penned an explicit novel detailing her passionate affair with a man 30 years her senior has been sacked after officials said they could not be associated … Continue reading

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Giant panda ‘faked pregnancy for extra treats and nicer accommodation’

Giant panda Ai Hin may have faked her pregnancy for a ‘better quality of life’ Not stupid: Giant panda Ai Hin, not pictured, may have faked her own pregnancy Photo: AFP/Getty … Continue reading

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Brazil’s valley of beauties appeals for single men with big manhoods

Women of Noiva do Cordeiro, deep in the countryside of south-east Brazil, where men are scarce or work far away in the city, are left to shoulder the town’s burdens … Continue reading

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Italy’s Renzi must bring back the lira to end depression

It is an incontrovertible fact that Italy’s 14-year disaster coincides with EMU membership A statue of Caesar overlooks the Bay of Naples. The Italian authorities discern flickers of recovery, deceived … Continue reading

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Germany fiddles with its economy as Rome burns

Berlin plans to cut the retirement age and raise the minimum wage but its biggest economic challenge is Europe A building covered with a banner depicting the hands of Angela … Continue reading

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Germany’s Schaeuble: Draghi was ‘overinterpreted’, Montebourg is wrong and austerity is not dead

Finance minister of the eurozone’s biggest economy sees no shift from fiscal discipline Wolfgang Schaeuble, the veteran finance minister, said anti-European Union sentiment threatened the region’s progress Photo: GETTY IMAGES Martin … Continue reading

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Our old friend Najat Vallaud-Belkacem’s inexorable rise continues. Surely not long before she is President of France

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, an outspoken proponent of gender equality, was promoted during French cabinet shakeup Anne Penketh in Paris, Wednesday 27 August 2014 17.26 BST Newly named French education minister … Continue reading

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La dolce vita can be ever so sleazy

The education secretary sunbathing topless has scandalised Italy. What does it say about the Italians? An Italian MP who was pictured sunbathing topless is now said to lack gravitas Photo: GETTY … Continue reading

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