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The Eroticism of Fat Men

Forget the c–t. Just concentrate on the breasts

Forget the cunt. Just concentrate on the breasts actually. All I need is some Nadine Jansen, or Milena Velba, or Joanna Bliss, or Alicia Loren, or Merilyn Sakova, none of whom do hard core porn. Just a big pair of breasts in a tight sweater, or pulling down a zip to reveal their huge cleavage; this is so much more arousing to me than this anal sex obsession; poor small young women having massive huge cocks rammed as hard as possible up their tiny bottoms, or having objects rammed up their tiny bottoms. What is all this about? A hatred of women? Wanting to hurt and injure them for the rest of their lives? No, just show me a huge pair of bouncing breasts and I am a happy man.

One comment on “Forget the c–t. Just concentrate on the breasts

  1. Les
    July 24, 2013

    Are they real? Wow!

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