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Vanity Bar Soho (official opening night Friday 26 June)–they now have stage dancing


It is rather hard to read but in a notice dated 12 December 2014 the Vanity Bar in Carlisle Street announce application for renewal of Sex Establishment Licence as a Sex Entertainment venue. People have four weeks to voice their opinion before decision is made.

The owners of the Nag’s Head strip pub in Whitechapel are hoping to turn the Vanity Bar, formerly known as the Candy Bar, into a strip club, then the Nag’s Head girls can work in both places.


“The Official opening night will be Friday 26 June. Apparently free champagne will be available until 9pm.” (D Starsky)

Update 28 June! So it is now open Monday to Friday. £4.90 for pints of beer. No stage show, just private dances. “It will be open Mon to Wed 5pm-3am; Thurs-Fri 1pm to 3am; entrance is free before 8pm, £5 before 10pm and £10 after 10pm. The council will not allow jug collections so there will be no stage dancing at present, free stage dancing is being considered for the future. Private dances start at £10, and buy 1 drink and get 1 free before 8pm. There will be a web site in about 2 weeks time.” [Nobby]


One comment on “Vanity Bar Soho (official opening night Friday 26 June)–they now have stage dancing

  1. Trotsky
    March 20, 2015
    It all seems to have been waved through then, so expect the bar to be open soon (if it is not already).

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