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If spring is in the air, and the blossoms have started to, um, blossom, then it must be Flying Scotsman licence renewal time. Hard to believe it is a year since the last one. Apparently Islington Council made an unexpected inspection a few days ago, bursting in like the Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expected). As a result the uniforms are all back on again, rather sexy little black dresses. Is there any other strip club in the world where the girls have to wear uniforms? 

A local stuck his head in the door and said at least it smelt better than last week, when it smelt like “old fanny and farts”, a charming expression which I relayed to Peter when he asked me what the man had said. Peter smiled grimly, and said “it was a dead mouse, in one of the traps”. 



Well it seems all of the Vanity Bar’s requests have been waved through so we can expect it to be open soon (if it is not already?) Pages 81 to the end contain the decision. Interesting to note that the Police had wanted to make a submission to the inquiry but this had been “overlooked administratively” which you may or may not find suspicious. One’s eyebrows may also be raised to learn that Westminster Council’s Legal Advisor is someone called Mr Panto.


One of the Scotsman’s florid & lurid sex dancers who still talks to me despite my brutish nature confirmed that the Peep Show in Tisbury Court, the last one left in Soho, had shut down. It was under the same Polish management as the Pleasure Lounge strip club next to it that was shut down in the Police raids of December 2013, so maybe it was the PL that had brought in most profit (with alcohol sales) and the Peep brought in almost nothing in comparison. A lot of Scotsman girls have worked there down the years, as it was the only place rougher than the Scotsman, and/or it was the only other place left where they didn’t have to do private dances, and could still pick up a guaranteed £60 per shift.


Incredibly the Flying Scotsman girls now also have to wear red badges with their names on.


Charlie’s Angels in the news after releasing CCTV footage of a Liberal Democrat politician enjoying private dances.



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