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Football hooligans cause mayhem in King’s X in glass and bottle attack on rival fans and bystanders


One man was left with blood pouring from his head after a group of around 20 savage thugs set upon members of the public.

PAFootball fans held after disorder

Three people were arrested tonight when football hooligans went on the attack armed with bottles and glasses.

One man was left with blood pouring from his head after a group of around 20 thugs set upon rival fans and bystanders.

The victim’s head injuries are not considered life threatening or life changing.

Small children were believed to be among the victims punched and kicked by the mob who “steamed” in near King’s Cross station in central London.

Some eyewitnesses have claimed the hooligans were Everton fans and that Newcastle United and Hull City supporters were among the victims
However, spokesmen for both the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police are not in a position to yet confirm who was involved.

All three clubs were playing away Premier League games in London at West Ham, Queen’s Park Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur respectively.

Two arrests were made on suspicion of affray and a third for grievous bodily harm after police were called at just after 6.40pm.

The landlord of The Millers pub in Caledonian Road, told Mirror Online he was forced to lock doors to keep the thugs out.

He said: “A crowd of Everton supporters have been involved in fighting up on Euston Road and then they made their way down here and started attacking people.

“They just steamed in and had bottles and glasses in their hands. There were a couple of children out there but that did not seem to stop them.”

Pictures taken by passers-by and posted to social networks show police cordons outside the pub and someone receiving care from paramedics.

The Millers landlord, who asked not to be named, added: “I saw a lot of people with bloody noses and cuts to their heads. It was just choking the level of violence.

“They weren’t even targeting other football fans, but innocent people just passing by or standing outside drinking.

“These hooligans attacked anyone. They were kicking them and punching them.

“It was a thoroughly nasty and shocking attack.”
Online football forums were also packed with people talking about the brutal attack, that left the pavements covered in shattered glass.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and British Transport Police attended. London Ambulance Service also attended.

“Three men were arrested by BTP. Two on suspicion of affray, one on suspicion of GBH.

“They remain in custody at a north London police station.

“One man sustained head injuries.

“He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening, non-life-changing injuries.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Did you witness the attack? If so call us on 020 7293 3022 or email


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