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Breastfeeding danger! Lactating boobs might spurt milk everywhere

A British mum claims a bridal store told her she couldn’t breastfeed in their shop in case she ‘spurted milk’ everywhere – as an Australian cafe owner kicks out a man who disapproved of public breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is natural – no matter what some people think Photo: ALAMY

Whether you were breastfed or not as a baby, chances are that you made your mother’s breasts lactate.

It’s a natural part of life, and one that’s not just inevitable but highly beneficial.

Sadly, a number of people seem to have forgotten these biological basics.

One Huddersfield mum claims that a Manchester bridal store is guilty of doing just that.

Josephine Fenton, 28, said that staff at Jean Jackson Couture’s studio in Manchester told her not to breastfeed her seven-month-old daughter because she would “spurt milk all over the dresses.”

Josephine Fenton with daughter Ella (Ross Parry/SWNS Group)

“I called the company a number of times before my appointment and never heard back,” said Fenton.

“Then when I got them on the phone five minutes before my appointment I explained that I might need to breast feed Ella.

“The owner’s mum said I ‘would spurt milk all over the dresses’. I had my loudspeaker on in the car and my fiancee James got very upset. I was just shocked.”

She ended up leaving her daughter with her fiancée, and then went to her appointment with her sister Georgina.

“We got there and I explained that James might pop by with Ella as she might need feeding,” said Fenton.

“The owner’s mum was acting quite rudely. She was treating me like there was something wrong with me because I was breastfeeding.

“Then she said I could not feed Ella there, and if she needed feeding I would have to do it on the street.”

The store’s website asks people to ‘refrain from bringing small children to appointments’ but owner Felicity Jackson denied Fenton’s claims.

She said: “Josephine visited us and seemed happy. She was never told she would spurt milk or to go out on the street.

“We have a waiting area where she would have been fine to breastfeed, with water, chairs and toilet facilities.

“We are very upset by what happened after her visit, Josephine and her friends have posted many messages on our Facebook page which we feel are unjust, and we have consulted a solicitor about their content.”

But over in Australia, a café owner has shown exactly how to deal with women breastfeeding in public.

Jessica-Anne Allen of Cheese and Biscuits in Rockhampton, Queensland, has become a social media hero after kicking out a male customer who asked a women to ‘cover up’ whilst breastfeeding.

Allen told the “middle-aged gentleman” to leave the café after he made the young mother feel uncomfortable.

“We told him that we are a breastfeeding friendly cafe, that we have mothers’ groups and ladies who come and breastfeed all the time,” she told the Brisbane Times.

“We would never ask a mother to cover up when she is feeding her child.

“I have a sister who has a three month old and I would hate to think that something like that was said to her.”

On a Facebook post that was shared by thousands, she wrote: “We do not in anyway believe that to breast feed a baby is anything to be ashamed of and we will not ask customers to cover up.

“We would appreciate it if you would respect our choice and not ask our customers to cover up yourselves.”

Breastfeeding haters, take note.


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