Serpent's Egg

The Eroticism of Fat Men

New tracks being laid and old bridge torn down on approach to London Bridge Station

Lewisham-20150616-06816 Lewisham-20150616-06817 Lewisham-20150622-06975 Lewisham-20150622-06976 Lewisham-20150622-06977 Lewisham-20150622-06978 Lewisham-20150622-06979 Lewisham-20150622-06980 Lewisham-20150623-06983 Lewisham-20150623-06984 Lewisham-20150623-06985 Lewisham-20150623-06986 Lewisham-20150623-06987 Lewisham-20150623-06988 Lewisham-20150521-06518 Lewisham-20150521-06519 Lewisham-20150521-06520 Lewisham-20150521-06521 Lewisham-20150521-06522 Lewisham-20150521-06523 Lewisham-20150521-06524


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