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Foot fetishist who tricked women into taking off their shoes on buses and trains is banned from public transport for two years

A foot fetishist who tricked young women into taking off their shoes on buses and trains has been banned from public transport for two years.

Three women fell victim to Alican Reilly, 21, because he behaved in such an “official” way that they thought he might be a police officer or ticket inspector.

After convincing them to remove their footwear, Reilly handled the women’s shoes or touched their feet.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard Reilly was obsessed with public transport and trainspotting and first struck in October 2010 on a train from Kew Bridge towards Clapham Junction.

Reilly told the victim he liked her boots and asked her if they came off, but she replied “no, they staying on”.

She was so concerned she left her seat to sit close to another male passenger and told him what had happened.

Two teenage girls then approached her and told her that he had also asked them to take their shoes off.

The next victim was travelling on the top deck of an empty bus from Hayes towards Harrow in April 2014 when Reilly came and sat beside her.

“He asked me to take my boots off, it sounded very official like maybe he was a ticket inspector or CID or with the police – I felt like I had to,” she said.

You must not go on any train, bus or tram unaccompanied. This is for your own good as much as anything else

Judge Peter Clarke QC

Reilly then ran his hands all over her boots and put his hand inside them, before putting his hands on her feet and rubbing them “almost like a massage.”

He asked the worried woman if he could keep her boots, but she refused.

She said: “I didn’t feel like I could call for help because he was so official with me – I didn’t like the way he touched me, it made me feel very uncomfortable.”

She added: ‘No one has the right to touch me, I didn’t give him permission.’

A month later in May last year, Reilly approached a 14 year-old-girl on the Metropolitan line as she made her way home from a day out with a friend.

Again he sat down beside her, despite the fact the train was almost empty, and told her she had nice shoes and asked where she got them from and how she took them off.

Once he had tricked her into taking her boots off, he began feeling her feet.

The teenager was so terrified she left the train at the next stop.

Reilly had asked both her name and her age, and was well aware she was only 14, the court heard.

He was eventually tracked down by British Transport Police via his freedom pass and was convicted of three charges of outraging public decency and two of common assault after a trial last month.

Judge Peter Clarke QC sentenced him to 12 months’ probation and banned him from travelling on public transport unaccompanied for two years, adding: “You must not go on any train, bus or tram unaccompanied. This is for your own good as much as anything else.”


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