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Drunken British architects facing obscenity charges for cavorting naked in historic Rome fountains

Six tourists, working with Cirencester-based firm Environmental Dimension Partnership, were fined for stripping off and plunging into La Fontana delle Naiadi

Fountain of the Naiads, Piazza della Repubblica, Rome Photo: Rex

With buxom water nymphs cavorting under a fountain, the statues of Rome’s Piazza della Repubblica leave little to the imagination.

However six drunk colleagues from a British architects firm went an unwelcome step further as they stripped off for a late night dip in the famous water feature.

The scenes were described as “like an orgy in Ancient Rome” before Italian police arrested them for public indecency.

The group has now been named locally as members of Cirencester-based green development firm Environmental Dimension Partnership.

The men – named as company director Ben Rosedale, 39, senior architect Richard Crooks, 49, graphics consultant Tom Speed, 26, and Charles Mylchreest, 46 – were said to have stripped off completely.

Richard Crooks (L) and Ben Rosdale (R)Richard Crooks (L) and Ben Rosdale (R) were said to have stripped down for a frolic in the fountain

Charles Mylchreest (L) and Tom Speed (R)Charles Mylchreest (L) and Tom Speed (R) were also said to be naked

The two women with the group – named as Claire Neale, 25, and Vicky Nall, a 32-year-old consultant ecologist – jumped in wearing just their underwear.

Footage of the co-workers was taken by one passer by as traffic at the busy roundabout came to a standstill before police arrived and charged them with obscenity.

They were led away from La Fontana delle Naiadi to a local police station, where they were handed €169 (£124) fines each.

The were on the last day of a weekend trip to the grand Hotel Quirinale, which costs around 200 Euros a night and just a stone’s throw from the famed fountains in Piazza della Repubblica.

Flanked by the Roman baths of Diocletian and a luxury hotel, the fountain boasts statues of nymphs and sits in the middle of a broad roundabout near the city’s station.

Bystanders described how the group spent about “half-an-hour singing and shouting” as a crowd of people filmed and took pictures.

Claire Neale (L) and Vicky Nall (R)Claire Neale (L) and Vicky Nall (R) reportedly jumped in wearing just their underwear

In embarrassing scenes, the group – which included a married company director – were filmed splashing about the historic fountain.

Several onlookers tried to intervene including one man with a dog who can be seen arguing with the group.

But it was not until officers from the municipal police arrived and ordered them to get out that they finally covered up.

One official said the group “were clearly drunk” but “became very civilised when we asked them to get out”.

“They were not arrested, but having been booked for obscene behaviour, they will face criminal proceedings in Italy,” said the officer.

A woman who answered the door at Mr Rosedale’s £400,000 home in Cirencester said she didn’t “know anything about” the incident in Rome.

Speaking from the upstairs bedroom of their ivy-clad semi in Cirencester, she said her husband had been in Italy, but was now back in London.

“I don’t know anything about it,” she added.

A well-spoken woman who answered the door at Mr Mylchreest’s home in Cirencester added: “I don’t think he’ll want to say anything.”

The six now face trial for an obscene act in a public place, an offence which carries up to three years in prison in Italy.

The tourists were said to have been drinking heavily as they celebrated their last night in Rome after attending a conference.


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