The proposal was approved with 17 votes in favor and eight abstentions. The ban would take effect from March next year. The council wants this measure to ensure the peace and safety, they say.

The measure covers some seventy brothels in four streets in the town, not far from the North Station.Elsewhere, prostitution is simply forbidden.

With the adjustment of the police, the majority under the leadership of mayor Emir Kir (Socialist Party) also tackle the sexual exploitation and trafficking, as well as drugs and arms trafficking and money laundering. For example, the prostitutes will always need to have a “certificate of conformity”, which is in the name, and therefore can not be transferred to others. The document is linked to a work permit and a clean criminal record. Someone who is illegally staying on the territory, or does not have a work permit, will not do sex work.

For window prostitution, the manager will always have to conclude a contract with the prostitute. It is also prohibited to rent one room with several prostitutes. The brothel owner will also have to pay a tax of 3,000 euros per year per room, which is gradually increased to 3231 euros by 2019.

The municipality of Saint-Josse provides for certain sanctions, including suspension or even withdrawal of the conformity certificate.

Schaerbeek, which is located next to Saint-Josse-ten-Node, previously lamented the fact that it was not involved in the discussions around these regulations. “It would have been better to consult in order to prevent the measures in one municipality have a negative effect on another municipality,” said the chief of staff Bernard Clerfayt, mayor of Schaerbeek.

He fears that the measures will bring some prostitutes in difficulties and other phenomena such as will promote soliciting in bars. At the same time, other problems of the district -as the overpopulation of the poor in some buildings- not be solved.

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