In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris it became clear that in many cases a link terrorism and radicalization always existed in Molenbeek. Jambon said the congregation to want to “clean up” and promised an action plan to address the local security situation. His services are about in full consultation with the local authorities, the police and all other relevant services.

“During these discussions it became clear that the real problem area is larger that one particular district in Molenbeek,” explained Jambon Friday in the special parliamentary committee for Counterterrorism.

“Based on an objective study based on specific parameters such as crime rates for arms trafficking and drug use, as well as the number of” foreign terrorist fighters’ in the territory, it was decided to continue working in a larger area. ”

Specifically, the next Molenbeek comes to Saint-Gilles, Anderlecht, Koekelberg, Laken, Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Node and Vilvoorde. Something MR MP and mayor of Koekelbeek Philippe Pivin made proposals to then go on talking about the “Grand Plan” as it mainly concerns the municipalities around the Canal Zone.

The neighborhoods are largely similar to the sickle of poor communities around the center, which often lie in the canal.

The plan itself is still in the preliminary study phase, all the Cabinet Jambon hopes to introduce it soon. The aim is to address both the radicalism and crime and the illegal economy that is often associated with it, “including the restoration of the rule of law.”

At the federal judicial police of Brussels and Halle-Vilvoorde capacity will be freed up to meet the “judicial objectives.” It is also examined how the intervention patrols can be supported to get more police on the streets. And this week have been specialists in the field of population registration in Molenbeek for a meeting with the relevant ships and the services concerned.