The collection of modern art will be at the Museum of Fine Arts, on the Mont des Arts in Brussels. “There is 3000m² available, we will renovate space,” says Sleurs. “It is my intention from the beginning to hold together modern and contemporary art collection, and that can at that location. That will benefit everyone, Brussels, Belgium and the international community. “Sleurs also stressed that the Fin de Sièclemuseum, contrary to earlier reports, will not give way to the collection of Modern Art.

Museums of Fine Arts, confirm that there are thousands of square meters are untapped in the building on the Mont des Arts. “That part of the building has been closed for decades because asbestos must be removed. These works have yet to start, but it still made ​​no budgetary analysis and there is no clear timetable, “confirms Colette Janssen of the Museum of Fine Arts.

That long-term planning reveals the museums give clear. “There is now clear where the collection is, but if we are going to exhibit the works of art to the public? I hope it’s not a long-term project, but I fear it, “says Janssen.

Also Sleurs itself does not want to be pinned down to timing. “That’s always difficult. Within the government and Regier Buildings are still provided the necessary funds. I pin I’d rather not stuck on a timing, but I hope the renovations to attract even started during my term of office. ”

Ceci n’est pas un musée
that the collection of modern art does not go to the recently acquired Citroen Garage, last year it was already clear. A dream of the Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort, a nightmare for State Sleurs.

“I’m as clear from the outset been in. I will not lend collection that can be perfectly exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, to accommodate than the collection in a garage. A garage is not a museum. The building is totally unsuitable as a museum. Ceci n’est pas un musée “says Sleurs on FM Brussel.

Remains unclear for which collection is or will be exhibited in the Citroën garage. The Region wants to appeal to private collections or in pieces from the art collections of Belfius or Proximus.

Vanderborght building
Thursday leaked in La Libre Belgique that the city of Brussels would like to sell it Vanderborght building. Last year was agreed that the collection of Modern Art would move there. Now it seems that building become an empty shell.