The night of Friday 20 to Saturday, November 21 is etched in the memory of Prime Minister Michel. That night the threat level was in Brussels from three to four, and the threat was concretely an attack even close. “That was without doubt the most difficult moment of my career,” said Prime Minister Michel about.

Drastic measures
that weekend went shopping centers, sports halls, cinemas and subway stations close. “To be honest, at that moment you do not dwell on the political consequences. You only think: what can and should I do? There was no time to make a long analysis and I did not hesitate, “said Michel to Het Nieuwsblad.

Nevertheless emphasizes Michel in Le Soir that he was not asking to join the malls. Michel points to decisions taken at the Brussels level. According to him, mayors have taken concrete decisions.

“I blame no one, everybody has done what he could do at his level. But for me, the balance too drastic. ”

Michel insists together to make uniform decisions in the future.

One Brussels police
Since the attacks in Paris go there many calls to merge the six police districts in Brussels. There’s Michel clear: “Until today I have not heard a single argument to be able to speak of a link between the organization of the police in Brussels and the attacks in Paris.”