Founder Sonia Verstappen was itself 37 years prostitute in the area around the North Station and has been coming for years for more rights for sex workers.

“In all countries there are already trade unions and collectives that give voice to prostitutes, except in Belgium”, says Verstappen to “We felt it was time to do something about it.”

“Especially now win the abolitionists more and more ground in Belgium.” According to Verstappen gets the international anti-prostitution lobby here more and more foothold. “There is a hunt for sex workers busy.”

Thus, the ex-prostitute refers in particular to the policy of minister of women’s Isabelle Simonis (PS). “While international human rights organizations advocate to decriminalize prostitution, the minister continues to refuse to regard prostitution as a job.”

Together with Maxim Maes why she launched Tuesday the new movement, Utsopi.

Too dumb to speak
“You in Brussels several organizations working for prostitutes, such as Espace P and Alias, but providing mainly economic and legal assistance,” Verstappen explains.

This also confirms Fabian DRIANNE, coordinator of Espace P in La Dernière Heure. “We are not spokespeople for the prostitutes. A quality initiative like that of Utsopi missing to this day. Prostitutes are rarely right of participation”

Since the new movement should change. “In debates about prostitution prostitutes are often not invited. Policymakers often think they are too stupid to talk. Every profession has the right to speak, except for the sex workers. ”

What she sees in front of him, the prostitutes go himself to come to meetings and debates? “Certainly, if necessary, we rent a bus,” laughs Verstappen.

No union
With the current 20 to 30 Belgian members will still succeed. But Verstappen and Maes have the intention to become a major voice. Maybe even a real union.

Despite the name “L’Union des Travailleu (r) ses du Sexe organisé (e) s pour l’Independance”, abbreviated Utsopi, the movement is no trade union in order to avoid red tape.

The official launch of the new collective will take place Tuesday in a square in Sint-Joost-ten-Node.