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EU leaders consider two-year suspension of Schengen rules

Leaders will consider emergency measures to reintroduce internal borders at meeting on Monday, as France warns the entire European project is in ‘very grave danger’

Border controls reinstate between Austria and Italy at Brenner Border

epa05111557 A view of the Brenner highway in direction north to Austria at the border between Tyrol, Austria, and South Tyrol, Italy, 19 January 2016. Tyrolean authorities announced they will reinstate border controls along Austrian’s border crossings with Italy in order to stem the influx of migrants. The authorities expect that the Brennerpass at the border to Italy could be the next hotspot of the influx of migrants in spring 2016. Several countries have chosen to reintroduce border controls as part of their response to the surge of migrants and asylum seekers making their way through Europe. The continent usually is the epitome of free movement, with its Schengen area allowing passport-free travel between 26 countries that have abolished their internal border controls. EPA/JAN HETFLEISCH

The Brenner motorway leading to Austria, at the Tyrol border with Italy, where border controls are to be reinstated Photo: EPA

The Schengen system of free movement could be suspended for two years under emergency measures to be discussed by European ministers on Monday, as the French Prime Minister warned the crisis could bring down the entire European Union.

Manuel Valls said that the “very idea of Europe” will be torn apart until the flows of migrants expected to surge in spring are turned away.

On Monday, interior ministers from the EU will meet in Amsterdam to discuss emergency measures to allow states to reintroduce national border controls for two years.

The powers are allowed under the Schengen rules, but would amount to an unprecedented abandonment of the 30-year old agreement that allows passport-free travel across 26 states.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

The measure could be brought in from May, when a six-month period of passport checks introduced by Germany expires. The European Commission would have to agree that there are “persistent serious deficiencies” in the Schengen zone’s external border to activate it.

“This possibility exists, it is there and the Commission is prepared to use it if need be,” said Natasha Bertaud, a spokesman for Jean-Claude Juncker.

Greece has been blamed by states for failing to identify and register hundreds of thousands of people flowing over its borders.

Other states that have introduced emergency controls are Sweden, Austria, France, Denmark and Norway, which is not in the EU but is in Schengen.

“We’re not currently in that situation,” Ms Bertaud added. “But interior ministers will on Monday in Amsterdam have the opportunity to discuss and it’s on the agenda what steps should be taken or will need to be taken once we near the end of the maximum period in May.”

Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, will attend the meeting.


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