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The more you think about it the more shocking does Belgium’s security lapses before the Brussels bombings seem

The more you think about it the more shocking does Belgium’s security lapses before the Brussels bombings seem. With the benefit of hindsight, it seems shocking that they did not have armed police or soldiers permanently on guard at the airport, especially after they arrested Abdeslam and were crowing about it, “We got him!”. They say they expected a revenge attack for that, but still put no armed guards or sniffer dogs into the airport? They knew they needed to find the Bakraoui brothers yet had no police spotters in the airport either. Armed police or soldiers would surely have been suspicious of those two guys pushing their trolleys wearing just one glove each. The Bakraoui at the airport is very recognisable from the mugshots of him already in circulation before the attack so a spotter would surely have recognised him. About every 1 in 4 times I come through Eurostar at St Pancras the customs guys pull me out of the crowd and take me into a side room to search my bag, so a rigorous approach like this would surely have stopped the bombers. Sniffer dogs running all around the airport surely would have done. Two of the bombers in the photo seem to have grins on their faces as they cannot believe how easy this is. Not a policeman or soldier or dog anywhere in sight? How stupid are the authorities!

And after their airport has just been bombed to smithereens the Brussels Metro blithely carries on running like nothing has happened. They now know the long-dreaded attack has arrived and they just carry on like a normal rush hour? There was more than an hour between the airport bomb and the metro bomb. If I was family of the Metro victims I would sue the Government and Metro company for criminal negligence.

Airport security should have been much better than it was, however there is not much you can do about the Metro. That is so vulnerable always. There are too many stations, too many trains.

I hope, however, they learn their lessons and keep armed police, soldiers and dogs at the major train stations like Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi, as these are the stations I come in and out of Brussels at! I can see the shattered pictures of Zaventem airport being repeated at Gare du Midi, main concourse or Eurostar terminal, before long.

It surely was madness to have not at least put their airport and international train stations under maximum alert after the Abdeslam arrest. The Interior and Justice Ministers did the decent thing and offered to resign, and it is understandable the PM turned them down for now, but surely in Britain there is no way they would have survived more than a day. The press would have ripped them to pieces if we had left ourselves as wide open as Brussels did.

It is not even a huge city. Compared to London Brussels is tiny, the metro system is tiny. The people of Brussels and visitors to Brussels deserve better. Belgian security services need to up their game, evidently, as I have pretty much zero confidence in them right now.

It is a joke that Abdeslam was hiding in plain sight under their noses all the time, and everyone in the local area knew he was there. Where are the security service’s undercover guys, snitches, informants?

Belgium has been such a sweet, gentle little country for so long they never thought anyone would want to harm them like this. They thought the Brussels jihadis at least would never attack their own home city. We have all had a sad awakening. I hope they up their game and never present such a soft target again.



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