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Prostitutes Alhambra district can be fined again (AND their customers!)


The City of Brussels Monday on the city council announced the adjustment of the prostitution regulation. With the addition of two points may punish re prostitutes and their clients with fines.

The two inserted points, one relating to the prostitutes and one relating to prostitution visitors, state that any person who violates the rules can be punished by a fine of up to 350 euros.

The new regulations were already approved by the Dutch Chamber of the State Council and is a response to the ban on police fines that the State Council imposed in March 2016.
The opposition believes that a global approach to prostitution missing. “I regret that we only address the district, while there is more. I regret that we did not seize the moment to prostitution approach to completely rethink,” said Fabian Maingain (DEFI).

Mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS) or attaches great importance to the investment that puts the City in the revitalization of the neighborhood and confirms that it is indeed of cooperation at the regional level. “I have asked the Region to address prostitution. We are working on a collaboration between Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Node, Ixelles and the City of Brussels to fight together prostitution. All will approach each municipality some differences, “said Mayeur.


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