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Sex workers Alhambra together against GAS fines

UTSOPI laments the situation of street prostitutes in the Alhambra Wijk aan.

Utsopi, the Belgian association of sex workers, goes to war with an open letter to Brussels Mayor Ivan Mayeur (PS) and the renewed police permits to penalize sex workers of the Alhambra District and their customers with GAS fines. Since October would be issued all 600 GAS fines and 350 PVs.

The Alhambra district, the area around the KVS and Lakensestraat, is known for its tradition of street prostitution. Mayor Ivan Mayeur (PS) decided in October 2015 whether to ban street prostitution in the district using GAS fines. However, that decision was reversed after complaints from several associations of prostitution and a negative opinion from the Council of State.

But in March this year let Courmayeur change the police at two points, enabling the police to re-fining the street prostitutes and their customers, now with fines up to € 350. thus the prostitutes must move to the Albert II, the Antwerp Avenue and Baldwin Avenue.

But that is not to the liking of Utsopi, the association of sex workers to set up final was 2015. They wrote an open letter to Mayor Courmayeur, in which they denounce the “unsafe and unsanitary” conditions of prostitutes who were exiled to the big avenues. “Many prostitutes now working in parking lots and parks as a result of this semi-clandestine situation,” said Utsopi.

‘Elitist vision “
The association speaks of a chaotic situation in the Alhambra district. “Agents fining the prostitutes and their clients increasingly scarce. Thereby prostitutes are more often in risky situations just to be able to meet. But when the prostitutes themselves than the victim of violence, the police does not show up. ”

Therefore list Utsopi the “10 bad decisions Ivan Mayeur” in the open letter. The association proposes inter alia that the mayor used the sex workers as scapegoats for its policy and that the poorer population does not fit into his “elitist vision” of the city “only designed for the upper middle class, and wealthy tourists.”

The association wants the open letter convince the mayor to sit “finally” with them, something that has not worked in the past.

Meanwhile know  La Capitale  that nearly 600 GAS fines and 350 PVs are organized in the district since October 2015.


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