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Four Vivaqua directors still each getting 65,000 euros–including ex-Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur


Yvan Mayeur. (© Stefaan Temmerman)


Four directors at Vivaqua earn back more than 65,000 gross per year. That decided the General Assembly of the intermunicipal on June 1, just when it Samusocial scandal erupted. Stepping down mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS) is one of those members of the board. Even as councilor he would Presidency and retain the fee, as learned Bruzz .

In 2016 earned outgoing Mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS), Councilor for the City of Brussels Jacques Oberwoits (MR), ships in Saint-Gillis Cathy Marcus (PS) and councilor for Anderlecht Oscar Dubru (MR) every 56 546 euros gross per year as a member of the “Council of Business managers. On top of that amount must be added the attendance fee of 714 euros per meeting as ordinary board member.

Board Business managers 19 times last year came together for the daily management of water company Vivaqua. To be clear: there are six directors who are involved in daily management.

The General Assembly Thursday, June 1 decided to maintain those high fees, so learned Bruzz . This is remarkable because there was already commotion high fees for drivers. So the day came to light that four members of the Bureau of Samusocial were paid handsomely, with gifts. The next day got Pascale Peraïta (PS) under pressure of public opinion that office.

65,000 per annum plus car
Representatives of Flemish municipalities abstained. “Anyways we retire because we do not see are the merger with Hydrobru” says Luc Deconinck (NV-A), mayor of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. “It really concerns us no more.”

Ordinary board members receive 714 euros gross per session, of which there are 12 per year. The president, vice president and two managing directors get on top of that each 56546.64 euros plus a car, something vice president renounced Oberwoits. Together that accounted for 65 114 euro per year.

“If the regional group does good governance measures, we are of course prepared to organize a new meeting, and thus to review the attendance fees,” said Jacques Oberwoits, Councilor of the City of Bruzz.

It was resigning mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS), who chaired the meeting on 1 June. Whether he will still do in the future, and thus maintain its allowance is unclear.

“If he stays councilor, he could remain president,” said Vivaqua spokesman Geert De Kegel. “Otherwise he should leave the Board, and the City needs someone else to wear.”

Monday is the resignation of Yvan Mayeur as mayor on the agenda of the City Council of the City. Whether he stays councilor, is not yet known at this time.


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