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The Eroticism of Fat Men

I’m looking for a partner who is exciting and my equal – without success. Am I the problem?

I’m 55, self-contained and confident – but everyone I meet seems too needy or too dull. Annalisa Barbieri advises a reader I want more than just watching television in companionable … Continue reading

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On the edge of madness: the terrors and genius of Alberto Giacometti

He drank with Sartre, mocked Picasso and took silent walks with Beckett – but his work was going nowhere until a vision on Boulevard Montparnasse left him trembling. Ahead of … Continue reading

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Royal Mail to close pension scheme due to ‘unaffordable’ ballooning costs. (Why are they spending money on ballooning? Is that why post is so slow these days?)

The move raises the possibility of strike action CREDIT: ANDREW MILLIGAN/PA WIRE Sam Dean Telegraph 13 APRIL 2017  Royal Mail will close its final salary pension scheme next year as … Continue reading

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Banks cracking down on lending after borrowing binge, survey finds (after borrowing someone’s binge you should always give it back)

Bank of England has voiced concern over rising consumer debt, including credit cards, car loans and second mortgages The Bank of England has warned over rising consumer debt fuelled by … Continue reading

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Bank of England sounds new alarm over consumer credit binge

Minutes show Bank is growing concerned at mounting risk to lenders as consumers tap looser borrowing conditions The Bank is becoming wary at the ease with which consumers can access … Continue reading

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UK’s borrowing binge is worrying the Bank of England

Larry Elliott Rising household debt could spook the nation again so it is right to keep an eye on cheap credit The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street, in the … Continue reading

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Aintree 2017

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Gadheim – the Bavarian hamlet set to become the centre of a post-Brexit EU

It has just 78 inhabitants but will officially become the geographical heart of the European union after Britain leaves Residents let balloons rise in Westerngrund, which has relinquished the title … Continue reading

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Credit card firms need to help those in long-term debt

The FCA is right to try to force lenders to assist the millions languishing in persistent debt Credit cards work fine for most people – but have become more like … Continue reading

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City watchdog ramps up pressure on banks with credit card clampdown

The FCA wants firms to do more to help customers burdened by ‘persistent’ card debts Ben Martin, banking correspondent Telegraph 3 APRIL 2017  The City watchdog has ramped up the … Continue reading

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