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New frontier for science as astronomers witness neutron stars colliding

Extraordinary event has been ‘seen’ for the first time, in both gravitational waves and light – ending decades-old debate about where gold comes from Play Video 0:45  Physicist explains significance … Continue reading

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Monday’s gravitational wave observation is astronomical alchemy

Proof that celestial collisions called kilonovas create gold is the first wonder to arise from coordinated observations – expect more to come  An artist’s impression of gravitational waves generated by … Continue reading

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Sebastian Kurz: could 31-year-old’s audacious bid to lead Austria pay off?

Critics of Kurz, who topped polls in run-up to Sunday’s election, argue his campaign embraced divisive agenda set by populist right  Sebastian Kurz and his partner, Susanne Thier, leave a … Continue reading

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Austria set to elect youngest EU leader in move to the right

Sebastian Kurz has campaigned on a platform of being tough on migrants and easy on taxes  Veiled woman passes an election poster of Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz, leader and … Continue reading

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Your brain on nostalgia: first study shows neurons light up in meaningful places

The brain lights up when a person is in a meaningful place CREDIT: THE NATIONAL TRUST  Sarah Knapton, science editor  Telegraph 12 OCTOBER 2017  The poet WH Auden coined the word ‘topophilia’ in … Continue reading

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Austrian populists expect to be kingmakers as politics takes turn to right

Freedom party dictates tone of Sunday’s election, as Social Democrats tainted by ‘dirty tricks’ strategy  Heinz-Christian Strache, left, head of the Freedom party, presenter Claudia Reiterer and incumbent chancellor Christian … Continue reading

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‘Western society is chronically sleep deprived’: the importance of the body’s clock

The 2017 Nobel prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of how our circadian rhythms are controlled. But what light does it shed on the cycle of life?  Tiny … Continue reading

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The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science

Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it  Scientists count anything less … Continue reading

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UK debt is explosive – and it only needs a spark to light the fuse

The Bank of England is right to warn over consumer borrowing – even if the central bank itself has been partly responsible  Household debt levels as a share of national … Continue reading

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Britain’s debt time​bomb: FCA urges action over £200bn crisis

Exclusive: Watchdog’s chief executive says he has seen problem at first hand, as new figures show rising levels of debt  Borrowing through credit cards, overdrafts and car loans has topped £200bn. … Continue reading

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