Serpent's Egg

The Eroticism of Fat Men

Chinatown and Soho: No ‘happy ending’ for 18 arrested in prostitution and slavery raids as police storm six ‘massage parlours’. Police say “We came as fast as we could”

FRANCESCA GILLETT Evening Standard 21 October 2016 Organised crime: Police stormed six buildings on Thursday night. Westminster MPS Police arrested 18 people and seized £35,000 in cash during nighttime prostitution … Continue reading

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Gun with which Verlaine shot Rimbaud up for auction

Christie’s to sell weapon fired in 1873 in what would be the culmination of a torrid affair between the French poets The revolver on display at the Beaux-Arts Mons museum … Continue reading

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Scene from „The Serpents egg (Das Schlangenei) (3)

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Reclaiming Nazi buildings: what should Austria do with Hitler’s old house?

The question of what to do with sites linked to the Third Reich has long vexed governments – and demolition is not the only option The house in Braunau am … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler’s first home set to be demolished for new building (I don’t have much time then)

Austrian government says nothing will be left of building in Braunau in attempt to eliminate any significance for neo-Nazis The house where Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, … Continue reading

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Let the pound fall and the economy rise

Larry Elliott The Brexit trade-off of weaker currency, cheaper exports will make the economy less dependent on consumers and more reliant on producers British-made Land Rovers sit at the docks … Continue reading

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Great Britain to “channel spirit of the Black Knight” as EU slices them limb from limb; “it’s just a flesh wound!”

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It’s hard Brexit or no Brexit at all, says Donald Tusk. “We are going to fuck you — all 27 members. One after the other & sometimes all together. Repeatedly. Until you beg us not to stop”

Donald Tusk scotches Boris Johnson’s argument that the UK could strike a better deal with the EU after Brexit Tusk: only alternative to hard Brexit is no Brexit – video Jennifer … Continue reading

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Taxi drivers who transported refugees ‘not people smugglers’

Published: 07 Oct 2016 Taxi drivers and members of the public who picked up refugees who had made it across the Austrian border last summer and drove them to … Continue reading

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Vienna’s benefits system acts as a ‘magnet for refugees’

Published: 07 Oct 2016 Refugees in Austria are increasingly moving to Vienna because other Austrian states have reduced the amount of social security benefits asylum seekers can receive, which … Continue reading

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Austrian Railways invests in sleeper trains

Published: 07 Oct 2016 Germany’s Deutsche Bahn is scrapping its sleeper trains but it’s not quite the end of the line for fans of night-time journeys, thanks to a … Continue reading

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