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The Eroticism of Fat Men

Susanna Feldman murder: Suspect in German teen’s killing arrested in Iraq

BBC News 8 June 2018 Image copyrightAFP/GETTYA sign saying “Susanna, 14, victim of tolerance” at a makeshift memorial where her body was found A failed Iraqi asylum seeker suspected of … Continue reading

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Italy can’t blame Brussels for its descent into the abyss

As much as some want to believe it, the EU has little to do with the country’s failure to put its house in order Phillip Inman, Guardian, Wed 30 May … Continue reading

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A personal memoir of autism, Asperger’s, pornography, prostitution, strip clubs, strippers and Soho–JOURNALS: VOLUME 1 (1996-2001) by Ernst Graf (£3); now with explanatory footnotes

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TWELFTH NIGHT now available on Kindle and in paperback. Being a journal of my travels to the florid & lurid fleshpots of Vienna, Brussels & Germany January to December 2014

I need to put myself in to a mood of sickly morbid eroticism again! Of despair! Desperate sexual hunger that comes with black psychological despair and morbid sickly eroticism. The … Continue reading

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Scene from „The Serpents egg (Das Schlangenei) (3)

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Sunset Strip licence renewed January 2018 (despite objections of Mr Strange) [but Windmill lose out]

Sunset Strip, Basement, 30 Dean Street, W1 Meeting of Licensing Sub-Committee (6), Thursday 11th January, 2018 10.00 am (Item 4.) App No Ward Site Name and Address Application Licensing Reference … Continue reading

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A beautiful sexy woman is not “decoration”. She is primal. She is what EVERYTHING is about

A beautiful, sexy woman is not “decoration”. She is primal. She is what EVERYTHING is about. She is the reason, & the explanation, & the motive, for EVERYTHING. Beauty is … Continue reading

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Disgusting photos from the Presidents Club Dinner. The after party was worse

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No.1 of another exciting new photo series:-half-finished crosswords I find on the train. I always take the few completed words as an omen: “Fierce Swedes”

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Soon we won’t even be allowed to use these girls in black masses & all our other satanic rituals

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F1 to stop using ‘grid girls’ in next world championship season

‘Grid girls’ are models used in promotional tasks like holding umbrellas or driver name-boards Jamie Grierson Guardian, Wed 31 Jan 2018 Formula One is to stop using “grid girls” at the … Continue reading

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